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Written by Tim Black   
Monday, 30 October 2006 08:05

We're developing the following programs, hope to release them as open source projects on SourceForge, and hope to find users interested in supporting their further development:


  • wxPython GUI to easily rotate the hues of the colors found in the CSS and graphics files of a website's template.  Just move a slider and your whole template changes from one set of coordinated colors to a new set of coordinated colors!
  • Alpha quality right now; it works but is a little rough around the edges

Library Task Manager

  • wxPython GUI to speed entering periodical sets into the Sagebrush Spectrum library catalog software, and printing labels for sets of books currently in the catalog.  Includes QuickDiff.
  • Beta quality


  • Simple wxPython GUI to show differences between text pasted into two text boxes.  Avoids having to save text as a file before seeing the diff.
  • Beta quality


  • Tray icon program that scans pre-set directories for real-time changes to files/folders and then calls the on-demand command-line file synchronization tool called unison to accomplish the same goal as FolderShare (synchronize two filesystems over the internet), only without the restrictions on the number of directories/files that can be synchronized.  May end up handling user accounts via pyGaim.
  • written in wxPython; pre-alpha because it doesn't work yet
  • Hosted on SourceForge
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