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Written by Tim Black   
Friday, 22 November 2019 17:12

For an interview, I made a Progressive Web App named Subnet Tracker, which you can try out at https://subnettracker.alwaysreformed.com/.  It's pretty cool for a couple reasons.

First, it's a Progressive Web App, which means it installs and works offline just like a native mobile app, but it also is a website so you can deep link to its internal contents from other sites and apps if you like, even if the app isn't installed, which makes it better than a native app.  You can install it on your desktop computer too, in Chrome.  Because of features like this, progressive web apps are the future of the mobile web.

Second, it syncs changes you make to its data nearly immediately from your browser to the server and then to everyone else's browser who is using the app at the same time.  You can add or delete a subnet when you're offline, and when you go back online, your changes will automatically sync to the server, and any new changes on the server will sync to your device.  Check out the Help page for more on that (and hey, there's a deep link!).

You can try that out yourself by opening it in two browsers or even two machines, like this:


If you'd like a Progressive Web App, get in touch and I'll be glad to make one for you.

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