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Written by Tim Black   
Tuesday, 09 October 2007 08:42

Sovereign Grace Singles is sgs_thumbnail.pngthe only singles website for conservative Reformed singles, and they need your help.  They need to gain more members in order to remain viable.  Currently there are 700 members on the site, from the PCA, OPC, URC, and other conservative Reformed denominations.  These denominations are the only "pond" in which I'd recommend our singles to fish.

There are a lot of singles out there who don't know about Sovereign Grace Singles who should, and would benefit from being members of the site.  I'm putting together an analysis of the numbers of members of conservative Reformed denominations here, and if you would like to help in any of the following ways, please contact Tim Black.

Ways you can help

  • Serve as a country expert in identifying which denominations are conservative in each country listed in our analysis.
  • Distribute SGS fliers at your church or through the channels of your denomination, presbytery, classis, singles organizations (think RUF!) or mission agencies.

Country Experts

Rev. J. Stafford Carson - Ireland
Dr. Henry Krabbendam - Netherlands, South Africa, Uganda
Rev. Philip Tachin - Nigeria

Results of the analysis

According to our current estimates, there are at least 385,000 conservative Reformed church members worldwide.  We could potentially bring in 1,926 total members from the US, 8,618 worldwide in English-speaking countries, and 18,709 in all languages.  This could result in many marriages; it could also result in many side-effects and spin-off projects that would further the interdenominational unity and cooperation of the Reformed community worldwide.

Global expansion project

Given this analysis, we hope to pursue the following goals to expand the reach of SGS:

  1. Aim SGS at other English-speaking countries.  Focus on countries containing the greatest numbers of conservative Reformed members:  Canada, UK, Australia, India, New Zealand, Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe.  Identify conservative denominations and use contact info from Bauswein & Vischer's The Reformed Family Worldwide to contact them.  Ask them to email SGS to receive an email they can forward throughout their denomination if they wish.
  2. Provide SGS site in multiple languages.  Install new software that’s already translated.  Focus on: Germany, Indonesia, South Korea, Netherlands, Philippines, Switzerland.
  3. Develop & use new promotional materials & Internet promotion tools/means recommended by a web marketing agency.
  4. Identify & utilize new avenues to promote SGS.  Use Always Reformed’s connections in denominations & schools.
    1. Colleges & seminaries - internal student newsletters like WTS’s “Brute Facts”
    2. RUF ministers
    3. Missionaries
    4. Singles organizations
    5. Presbyteries
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PresbyterySite 0.1.0 released! PDF Print E-mail
News - Web Development
Written by Tim Black   
Tuesday, 04 September 2007 18:25
map_fullpage_thumb.pngWe are pleased to announce the release of PresbyterySite 0.1.0!  PresbyterySite's code has demonstrated itself to be mature enough to be used by a continuing user base.  This release deserves a new minor version number because it includes the following important new features:
Last Updated on Tuesday, 04 September 2007 18:54
PresbyterySite 0.0.9 released! PDF Print E-mail
News - Web Development
Written by Tim Black   
Wednesday, 29 August 2007 15:37

We are pleased to announce the release of PresbyterySite 0.0.9!  This is primarily a bugfix release.

One bugfix resulted in faster page loads--PresbyterySite's use of the Scriptaculous/Prototype JavaScript framework/library conflicted with RocketTheme's Versatility III template's use of the Mootools JavaScript framework/library, so PresbyterySite now uses Mootools for fading status messages in and out.  Mootools is compressed, so results in significantly faster page loads.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 29 August 2007 15:39
PresbyterySite 0.0.6 released! PDF Print E-mail
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News - Web Development
Written by Tim Black   
Thursday, 21 December 2006 11:18

PresbyterySite 0.0.6 contains the following new features:

  • Elder type (RE/TE) & status (active/inactive) are now displayed
  • Congregations can now have an image
Last Updated on Friday, 22 December 2006 06:54
PresbyterySite 0.0.5 released! PDF Print E-mail
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News - Web Development
Written by Tim Black   
Wednesday, 20 December 2006 09:40

PresbyterySite in action!We are pleased to announce the release of PresbyterySite-0.0.5! The key improvement in version 0.0.5 is that PresbyterySite can now be translated into other languages, and the administrator can set the display language for the frontend. If you would like to help us translate PresbyterySite, please contact us or simply make a copy of the "messages.po" file, translate it with poEdit, and send us a copy!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 December 2006 09:41
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