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Written by Tim Black   
Friday, 11 November 2011 10:43

Glenn T. BlackFor those who have time to read an autobiography, or an hour to listen to a recording, you may find it interesting to learn about my grandfather at http://mahaffynet.net/?page_id=53.  His autobiography covers his years as a country boy in Kansas, a B-25 pilot in WWII, and college & seminary student, then a pilot and pastor then regional home home missionary at large in the OPC.  The hour long recording is of him telling the story of how he was shot down in WWII, told in a way similar to how he has told it many times as a means of presenting the gospel.

I have found his accounts interesting for a number of reasons.  He is a very careful man, so I was surprised at the risks he took when flying, though they were few in number, and his adventurous spirit throughout.  He is a very godly man, so I cherish his personal, and deeply Reformed and presbyterian, testimony which he makes explicit at points throughout.  He makes a number of sober assessments of his actions in hindsight which are useful for younger men like myself to consider.  And his understated humor is a delight.

Grandpa's pastor John Mahaffy writes,

On this Veterans' Day I am particularly thankful for the service of a man who was my pastor when I was a teenager, the Rev. Glenn T. Black.  He has given sacrificially to serve both his country and his Lord, without confusing the two or mixing priorities.  Many of you have read his "Four Full Years" or listened to his "My Longest Day."  If not, you might find it appropriate today to click here and do so.  He would be the first to tell you that he was only one of many.  However, it is important that we do not forget him or others.

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