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Written by Tim Black   
Saturday, 06 October 2007 08:19
You might enjoy hearing a bit about one of our vacations this summer.  In August we enjoyed camping with Mom & Dad Blackpumice.jpg on their property in the desert in Prineville, OR for two nights, driving to Paulina Lake (lots of fish were jumping!) & to the top of Paulina Peak (from which you can see a looong ways), canoeing on beautiful Hosmer Lake (there were lots of fish in a shallow section) and camping there for the rest of the week (there was a great view of Mt. Bachelor), picking up huge rocks made of pumice at the obsidian flow, going for a bike ride around Elk Lake, seeing hawks and osprey hunting, vultures eating (but they flew away when we stopped to look at them), and elk along the side of the road on the way home (by Davison Road near Crescent City, CA).  Beforehand our OPC congregation in Eureka, CA had asked me to preach on our way home, so we had a good visit with the congregation (they asked me to teach SS at the last minute; thankfully I had a lesson and a few handouts prepared), and with the family that gave us a place to stay Saturday night.  They asked me back to preach the very next Sunday since their pulpit supply coordinatorship had just changed hands and they didn't have a preacher scheduled.  Safe travel the whole way, which was a blessing.  Google says the trip was about 1404 miles total.  Mom & Dad had an old tire blow out on their trailer on the way home, but were able to continue after installing the spare tire.  So you can drool over vacationing in Oregon someday with us I've uploaded the beautiful pictures Dad took here.
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