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Written by Tim Black   
Wednesday, 11 April 2007 13:17

Matthew 27:57-28:15 - “The Battle for the Bones of Jesus”
Study Guide

Passage Outline

  1. The Physical Battle

    1. Believers: Jesus is buried by Joseph of Arimathea 27:57-61

      1. Joseph was a “disciple of Jesus” v. 57

      2. Joseph “asked for the body” v. 58 - In order to keep Jewish law, not to gain possession of Christ’s body

      3. Mary Magdalene and the other Mary were there, sitting opposite the tomb.” v. 61 - the location of this tomb was known

    2. Unbelievers: The guard at the tomb 27:62-66

      1. after the day of Preparation” v. 62 - Manner: Impiety? - Business on the Sabbath

      2. imposter...fraud” vv. 63, 64 - Mindset: Defame Christ and His disciples

      3. tomb to be made secure” v. 66 - Means: Keep Christ’s bones in the tomb

  2. The Intellectual Battle: The report of the guard 28:11-15

    1. all that had taken place” v. 11 - The truth

    2. taken counsel...we will satisfy him” vv. 12, 14 - The conspiracy

    3. a sufficient sum of money” v. 12 - The bribe

    4. stole Him away” v. 13 - The lie

    5. this story has been spread” v. 15 - The effect

  3. The Spiritual Battle: The resurrection 28:1-10

    1. The angel: Spiritual power! 1-4

      1. a great earthquake” v. 2

      2. angel of the Lord” v. 2

      3. rolled back the stone” v. 2

      4. His appearance was like lightning, and his clothing white as snow.” v. 3

      5. for fear of him the guards trembled and became like dead men.” v. 4

    2. The message 5-7

      1. Do not be afraid...He is not here, for He has risen.” vv. 5-7

    3. Your response 8-10

      1. Spiritually – your response to Christ v. 9

      2. Intellectually – your message v. 8

      3. Physically – your conviction about the location of Jesus’ bones v. 10

For Discussion:

  1. What would it have meant to “win” or “lose” the physical battle for the bones of Jesus? The intellectual battle? The spiritual battle? Has this battle been won? Who has won the battle?

  2. Name one reason “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” documentary could be in error that it has discovered the tomb—and the bones—of Jesus Christ.

  3. How could the general public have learned of the location of Jesus’ tomb? See 27:61, and 28:15. Does this make it more likely the traditionally-held location of Jesus’ tomb is correct?

  4. Who is lying, according to Matthew? According to the Jews? Whose story do you find more convincing? Why? Give two reasons the Jews’ story is not true.

  5. Are angels more powerful than God? See vv. 2-6, Isaiah 6:2-3. How does the angel’s power compare to Jesus’ power? Who would be most likely to be able to win a physical, intellectual, or spiritual battle for the bones of Jesus—the Jews? The angel? Jesus Himself? You?

  6. What are some of the responses of unbelievers to the empty tomb? Of believers?

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