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Written by Tim Black   
Wednesday, 18 July 2007 10:59

Colossians 3:20-21 - “Children and Fathers”
Study Guide

Passage Outline

  1. Children v. 20

    1. Addressees


    1. Command

obey your parents in everything,

    1. Reason

for this pleases the Lord.

  1. Fathers v. 21

    1. Addressees


    1. Command

do not provoke your children,

    1. Reason

lest they become discouraged.

For Discussion

  1. What 5-7 chief kinds of authority relationships are mentioned in the Bible? Are there any other authority relationships you can think of?

  2. In what way does the parent-child relationship take a leading role among the other authority relationships in a person’s life? Consider the promise in the 5th Commandment.

  3. What is the main goal of the parent-child relationship?

  4. Give some examples of some ways children should obey their parents, and some ways adult children should honor their parents.

  5. What does it mean that children should obey their parents “in all things?”

  6. What does the reason “for this pleases the Lord” or “for this is pleasing in the Lord” teach us about the right ways we should motivate and discipline our children? How are children concerned about pleasing others?

  7. Is Paul addressing only fathers, or mothers as well in v. 21? Why does Paul say “Fathers” rather than “Parents?”

  8. What are some ways to provoke your children? What are the results?

  9. What are some ways to not provoke your children? What are the results?

  10. How does our heavenly Father treat us, and what example does He provide us as we care for our children?

  11. Discouraged” in v. 21 can be loosely translated “no passion.” What is its opposite, and what biblical means should parents use to seek to not discourage their children?

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