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Written by Tim Black   
Wednesday, 22 November 2006 11:07

The executive summary:PresbyterySite in action on pscopc.org!

PresbyterySite intends to become the best Presbytery website software in the world.  Our goal is to present your presbytery's information in the groupings most useful to your site visitors, and to streamline the work of your clerk.

Please check out our online demo or screenshots of PresbyterySite in action, or go directly to our download page.


  • PresbyterySite is composed of plugins for the full-featured, easy to use content management system called Joomla.  Install Joomla and you have one of the best websites in the world already!  Joomla allows you to install thousands of free plugins and templates to customize your website's functionality and graphical layout.  We recommend installing existing plugins to manage your presbytery's calendar, sermons/audio, and documents.
  • We've custom-built several plugins that provide the unique functionality presbytery websites want most:
  • We hope to add more valuable features including:
    • Presbytery meeting info (date, time, location, docket, reports due, communications, reports, minutes). Email reminders of meeting date, time, location, documents, documents due.
    • Directory of officers
    • More administration features to allow your presbytery's info to be grouped & related more helpfully
    • Email notifications for limits, quotas, and deadlines like the ones in your Bylaws
    • Presbytery Handbook - style summary of presbytery information
  • And you receive all this free of charge!  PresbyterySite is free to download, use, and modify as you desire.  PresbyterySite is improved as our developer community has time to improve it.

We welcome feature requests (and contracts to implement them), interested developers, and any discussion of PresbyterySite on our SourceForge project page.  The central way to get help and otherwise communicate with others involved in the project is to subscribe to our discussion group titled "Presbyterysite-users" here.  You can also donate to the PresbyterySite project on SourceForge.

A big thank-you goes out to the OPC Presbytery of Southern California for providing the initial funding for PresbyterySite!  Your generosity is blessing many!  Even some churches that are not Presbyterian have begun benefiting from this software.

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